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Mindset Coaching and Hypnosis 

Are you feeling stuck? Do you feel you need to change something in your life to get to the next level in your career, your happiness, or your overall well being? Mindset coaching and hypnosis can help. 

In my sessions I use a very unique method of mindset coaching, the CONTROL system, that less than 100 people worldwide are trained in. It will help you become aware of the subconscious patterns that are holding you back and replace them with more productive patterns that will allow you to unfold your true potential. 

Unlike traditional hypnosis, CONTROL works without trance, so you will be fully awake during our sessions and able to communicate and contribute to the change process. 

All CONTROL sessions are held virtually via Zoom.

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Workshops and Seminars

Throughout the year my colleagues and I offer CONTROL workshops, confidence, productivity, and stress management seminars virtually via Zoom and in-person (UK, US, and Germany). 

Workshops are a great way to work as a group, make changes together, and meet like minded people. 

In our CONTROL workshops we teach you the actual method that my colleagues and I are using with our one-on-one clients. At the end of the workshop you will not only have changed a pattern that is currently holding you back but you will have a tool in your personal development tool box that will allow you to make any additional changes to subconscious patterns yourself. 

In our stress management, productivity, and confidence seminars you will learn how your subconscious mind works and you will get to know simple strategies and success routines that will help you not only regain control of your emotional states but also be able to focus on what is truly important to you.

Our workshops are not only transformational and educational but also always a lot of fun!!

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Weight Loss and Weight Management Programs

As much as I wish I could just click my fingers to make you lose 20 lbs, it’s unfortunately not that easy. If you’ve been on the weight loss rollercoaster for a while now you know that it’s not as simple as the diet pill industry wants to make you believe. 

Sustainable weight loss not only requires learning (and consistently implementing!!) new healthier habits, it also requires you to be able to believe in yourself, be confident in yourself and your abilities, and eliminate negative thought and behavior patterns that have been keeping you stuck for so many years. 

That’s why I offer three and six months weight loss and weight management programs that address the subconscious beliefs you are holding about yourself and your ability to change. 

Once we remove the patterns that have been keeping you stuck for so long, we will focus on your nutrition and incorporate more physical activity into your life for lasting results and sustainable lifestyle changes.

This program is an online program with virtual one-on-one coaching sessions. 

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