Soooo, after taking three months off to visit my family in Germany I am finally back home and decided I need to get back in shape. Like ASAP! There’s just a tiny little problem. I love food! And I love, I mean L.O.V.E. ice cream! The store bought ice cream […]

The Easiest (Healthy) Ice Cream Recipe EVER

And no, we’re not talking about THAT. We’re talking about goals here. Geez, such dirty minds!! But let’s get serious! Let me ask you something:  When it comes to your health, business, or your personal life, what are your goals?  You might now say something like “I want to lose […]

Why bigger is not always better

Stress-eating sucks! We’ve all done it: We had a very stressful day at work, a fight with our spouse, or we simply feel overwhelmed with life itself and to relieve the stress of the day a bit we reach for a cookie or order our favorite pizza. While – in […]

How to deal with stress-eating

My favorite “filler foods” Let’s face it, a girl’s (and probably a guy’s) biggest dream is eating A LOT of food without gaining weight. Or – even better – eating A LOT of food while losing weight!! Ha! It’s not so easy though, is it?! But with a few tricks, […]

How to eat A LOT without gaining weight

We are currently in a situation that nobody of us has been in before. It’s a time of uncertainty, fear, panic, even hysteria sometimes. And we can’t really ask anybody for help. Scientists do their best to figure out how the coronavirus works and how to approach it best but […]

How to Ease Anxiety

Today I want to talk about something that I still struggle with myself in some areas of my life. Which annoys me! BUT I am becoming more and more aware of it and once you are aware, you can stop things in their track or avoid them altogether. What I’m […]

Don’t fall into this trap!