Stress-eating sucks! We’ve all done it: We had a very stressful day at work, a fight with our spouse, or we simply feel overwhelmed with life itself and to relieve the stress of the day a bit we reach for a cookie or order our favorite pizza. While – in […]

How to deal with stress-eating

My favorite “filler foods” Let’s face it, a girl’s (and probably a guy’s) biggest dream is eating A LOT of food without gaining weight. Or – even better – eating A LOT of food while losing weight!! Ha! It’s not so easy though, is it?! But with a few tricks, […]

How to eat A LOT without gaining weight

It is so easy to fall off the wagon when our days get busy. To make sure this doesn’t happen you should always have a healthy protein rich snack handy. Here are ten snack ideas that will help you beat cravings while on the go:   1. Pumpkin Seeds Pumpkin […]

10 Healthy Protein-Rich Snacks

Here is another one of my super easy recipes. Lentils are packed with protein (one cup of lentils has about 18g!) and healthy fiber, so you want to make sure you incorporate lentils into your diet on a regular basis.   What you need 1 pack of dry Lentils (Duh!) […]

Super Easy Lentil Soup

I know we’re all busy in the mornings but it is so important to have a good breakfast before heading out for work, going to the gym, or taking care of errands. This is a super easy protein pancake recipe that will give you the energy you need, to start […]

Super Easy Protein Pancake Recipe (Vegan)

You finally lost the extra pounds you were holding on to for so long. You were really strict with your diet, worked out hard, and sacrificed a lot to get where you wanted to be. Now it’s time to get back to real life and you are scared that you […]

How To Keep The Weight Off