The apartment gym at one of my client’s building recently had some water damage, so they closed it for a good three weeks. Bummer!! While it’s annoying, it’s not a big deal though. Most people think you have to have access to a full-blown gym to get the results you […]

Must-have home equipment

When it comes to being overweight there are different explanations as to the reasons for obesity. Lack of movement and overeating are two very common explanations. But what about our environment? Can our environment make us fat? My answer? A resounding โ€œYesโ€. A study by Carroll-Scott et al that was […]

Is Your Environment Making You Fat?

The Holiday season is officially here! Woohoo! We see all these beautiful lights and decorations on the streets. The air is filled with love, kindness, and the scent of oranges and cinnamon. But this time of the year is not only the time for lights and decorations. Itโ€™s also the […]

4 Holiday Survival Tips For Your Waistline

  We all have them. Some of us more often, others almost never. Cravings! While there is nothing wrong with indulging in your favorite food once in a while, regular, unhealthy cravings can become a big issue when it comes to weight loss and your overall health. Many people who […]

Three Ways To Stop Cravings

Tabata workouts are awesome when you think you don’t have time to get a full workout in but you would feel soooo guilty if you didn’t do anything. Today’s Tabata Workout is a 20-Minute Lower Body Workout that will get you sweatin’, baby! ๐Ÿ˜‰ You will need a chair or […]

20-Minute Lower Body Tabata Workout