Must-have home equipment

The apartment gym at one of my client’s building recently had some water damage, so they closed it for a good three weeks. Bummer!!

While it’s annoying, it’s not a big deal though. Most people think you have to have access to a full-blown gym to get the results you are looking for. But in most cases, some basic equipment is all you need. 

Here are my favorites and what I consider the “must-haves” of home equipment: 

1) Resistance bands (regular and loop)

Resistance bands are AWESOME!! They are cheap, versatile, and you can bring them with you wherever you go.

One of my trainer colleagues is actually writing a book about resistance bands and the amazing stuff you can do with them – and yours truly will have a tiny little part in it as well. I’ll share it when it comes out next year. 

Edit: Here it is: Resistance Band Workouts

2) Resistance tubes

While they are very similar to bands, there are some main differences. First, they have handles which allows for even more exercise options and second, they usually come with a door anchor. The door anchor allows you to do exercises you would do on a cable machine at the gym, like lat pulldowns, rows, or triceps extensions. Even though the resistance tubes take up more space than bands, you can still easily fit them into your suitcase when you travel and at home, they fit in every drawer. 

3) Yoga / Workout mat

Everybody needs a workout mat!! I don’t care what type of workout you want to do at home, you should definitely have a mat! I personally like mats that are a bit thicker but choose whatever you like best. You can get a good yoga mat for around $15 and you can easily roll it up and store under your bed. 

These three are my absolute must-haves when it comes to home equipment. They are all very affordable, easy to hide, and you can get a good sweat in. Of course, if you have the space and want to invest a bit more money, your options are endless. 

One of my all-time favorites are adjustable dumbbells from Bowflex (other brands have adjustable free weights as well but I love my Bowflex!). At $300 they are relatively expensive but they last forever (mine are more than 10 years old) and they allow you to perform exercises with up to 52.5 lbs per dumbbell. Which is a pretty decent weight for most exercises. A weight bench, swiss ball, or chin-up bar are other pieces you can slowly add to your home gym. 
But your essentials really come down to bands, tubes, and a simple mat. 

Oh, and if you want to check out what I have at home, click here



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