4 Holiday Survival Tips For Your Waistline

The Holiday season is officially here! Woohoo! We see all these beautiful lights and decorations on the streets. The air is filled with love, kindness, and the scent of oranges and cinnamon. But this time of the year is not only the time for lights and decorations. It’s also the time of stress and chaos. Buying presents for the loved ones, booking flights to see the family, and rising anxiety levels in anticipation of family reunions that usually end in big fights and broken dreams….sometimes even broken vases.

And if that wasn’t enough, it’s also the time of Christmas parties at work, Holiday dinners with the boss, and other social gatherings that threaten our waistline.

But fear not, my friend, here are a few tips that will help you maneuver through the holidays without having to bring your pants to the tailor afterwards:


Tip 1: Check out the menu

When you are invited to a Holiday dinner, check out the restaurant’s menu in advance and decide what you will eat. That takes away a lot of the pressure once you’re at the restaurant. We tend to get overwhelmed with too many choices (and some of those menus can be huuuuge). When you already made up your mind beforehand, you can enjoy the evening without stressing over all those different options.


Tip 2: Make it green!

A great tip not only for holiday dinners but for your daily meals is to fill your plate with greens. At a restaurant you could opt for the salad instead of the mashed potatoes. If you don’t like salad or you live in a climate where you might want to have something warm for dinner (don’t you hate eating cold dishes when it’s below 40 degrees out there?! Brrrrr!), ask your server to be very generous with the veggies. Lettuce and vegetables are generally low in calories but high in volume, which will keep you full longer and will make you think twice if you are able to fit that cheesecake into your tummy for dessert.


Tip 3: Sauces and Dressings on the side

If you order a dish that comes with sauces or a dressing, ask for it to be served on the side. That way you have control over how much goes on your plate. Hint: Just because they bring a whole bowl of gravy that doesn’t mean you have to use it all.


Tip 4: Don’t stress

This is the Holiday season! Enjoy it! Even with all the preparation, you will most likely consume a bit more calories than you usually do. After all, grandma’s cookies are THE BEST!! Rather than stressing out about it, make extra healthy choices on the other days. Remember the 80/20 rule. As long as you make healthy choices 80% of the time, you can afford to indulge in some treats 20% of the time.

Happy Holidays!!!


Written by: Jen

The Online Personal Trainer for Women


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