10-Minute No Excuses Full Body Workout

Sometimes you simply don’t have the time to squeeze a full workout in. Maybe you are traveling, the meeting was waaaay longer than planned, or you have to get things ready for the party you are throwing that evening.
But even if you are not able to fit a full workout into your busy schedule, you can always spare 10 minutes for a quickie (a quickie workout that is – geeez, you and your dirty mind!!).

Here are three exercises you can do to get a full body workout in in just 10 minutes. No equipment needed.

Start with 60 jumping jacks to warm up.

Exercise 1: Squats (20 repetitions)

Squats are a great way to work your whole lower body.


1. Stand with feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart
2. Roll the shoulders back and keep your spine in a neutral position.
3. Pull your elbows close to the body, palms facing each other and thumbs pointing up.
4. Push your hips backward as the knees begin to bend (imagine you want to sit down on a bench).
5. Keep your chest and shoulders upright, and your back straight.
6. Engage your core and, with your body weight in the heels, come back up to your starting position, driving through heels.

Exercise 2: Burpees (10 repetitions)

While burpees might not be one of your favorite exercises, they are awesome when you are pressed on time. A burpee basically works your whole body from chest, shoulders, legs, and glutes all the way to your core.


1. Start in a standing position with your feet shoulder-width apart.
2. Squat down and place your hands on the floor in front of you, just outside of your feet.
3. Jump both feet back. You are now in plank position.
4. Drop to a push-up (to make it easier you can go down on your knees to perform the push-up)
5. Push up to return to plank position and jump your feet back towards your hands
6. Now jump up in the air while extending your arms straight overhead

Exercise 3: Plank

The plank is an awesome exercise to train your abs. It looks easier than it is!



1. Start on your elbows and knees with your palms flat on the ground.
2. Straighten your legs, lift your body off the ground, and bring it parallel to the floor.
3. Keep your face to the floor
4. Engage your glutes and abs to keep your back straight.
5. Hold for 30-60 seconds
Perform all three exercises back to back and then start over for a total of three rounds. Take breaks as needed.


Written by: Jen

The Online Personal Trainer for Women