Why You Should Never Compare Yourself To Others


We live in a world where most of the people want to be somebody else or be like somebody else. We want to look like that perfect fitness model, we envy billionaires for their money and their private islands, and we want to be famous like the stars on the big screen.
No matter where we turn our head, the grass always seems to be greener on the other side. And that’s the problem.

Instead of focusing on ourselves, we focus on what other people do, how other people look, and how successful they are. Based on the observations we make, we determine that we are an absolute failure and they are AWESOME!

The truth though is, everybody on this planet is unique. There is nobody out there who is just like you.
The unique combination of everything you are, everything that is part of you – your body, your skills, your personality, everything – makes you, well, you. And that is AMAZING! That makes YOU amazing!

You might not be where you want to be in your life, but that doesn’t mean you will never get there. You have to find your own path. And that path starts with loving yourself for who you are and acknowledging all your talents. Don’t compare yourself to others!

If you want to lose weight, don’t look at the fitness model and become depressed because she or he has a single digit body fat percentage while you are struggling to get into your pants in the mornings. They’ve probably been working out for the past 10 years while you are just starting your fitness journey. And that is okay!!

Don’t look at the billionaires with their fancy cars, expensive designer clothes, and bodyguards and fall into a deep hole because you are making $30,000 a year and can barely afford your rent. They probably worked very hard to get to where they are at right now and you just made the decision to start your own business. It takes time!

Don’t envy the rich and famous for all the publicity they get while you feel like a wallflower that nobody cares about. Most of these people experienced a lot of setbacks and made tremendous sacrifices to get to where they are now. And maybe you don’t even want to be like them and are just blindsided by the fame without fully understanding all the consequences that come with it.

The bottom line is, don’t compare yourself to others! Never!! If you have a certain goal in life, find a role model, somebody who has already done or achieved what you are dreaming of and then do what they did to get to where they are. Learn from their mistakes. But don’t try to BE them or be like them.

If you keep comparing yourself to others you will never be truly happy because there is no way that you can be like somebody else. You will always be different. That’s what’s so amazing!

Love yourself for who you are and start from there!


Written by: Jen

The Online Personal Trainer for Women