How To Stay On Track While Traveling

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Consistency is one of the most important factors when it comes to a workout routine and healthy diet. It is so hard to get back on track after a two-week vacation of indulgence and physical inactivity. But not only vacations can lead to setbacks when it comes to achieving our fitness goals; business trips, long commutes to meetings, or weekend trips with the family are also challenging.
Here are a few tips that will help to stay on track while traveling:

1. Take a resistance band
When you are on a business trip you don’t always know what amenities the hotel you will be staying at has. If it has a gym, great! If not, having a resistance band in your suitcase will make it a lot easier to get a short workout in.

2. Take your workout clothes
It doesn’t matter if you are going on a two-week vacation or a three day trip for business or with your family. Take your workout clothes. Just knowing you have them with you will increase chances of you actually doing a workout while on the road a lot!

3. Take a blender
This one might sound a little bit extreme but if you love your smoothies as much as I do, then you should definitely take a little blender with you when you travel. I’m not talking about the huge thing you have on your kitchen counter. What I’m talking about are the little Nutribullets (or similar brands) that easily fit in your purse. Once you get to your hotel, find a close by grocery store and buy everything you need to have healthy delicious smoothies for breakfast. That will not only save you money but will give you the energy you need to explore the city you are staying in, have a productive meeting, or chase after the kids at Disney World. 😉

4. Take healthy snacks
This one is a no-brainer not only for vacation or business trips but for your everyday commute to and from work, to school, or on your way to clients. Always, I mean ALWAYS, have healthy snacks in your purse. You never know what’s gonna happen. You might have a meeting planned for only an hour but then you get stuck in traffic on the way back to the office, you were supposed to meet with your client at 1pm but he’s running late, or your friends ask you to join them for a shopping trip after school.
When you’re prepared that’s not a big deal but if you get hungry and you don’t have anything handy, the first thing that’s available is most likely not the healthiest option.
Healthy snacks include all kinds of fruits or veggies, nuts, prepared sandwiches, or even a protein shake.

5. Don’t obsess over anything
While it’s good to keep your health in mind while traveling, don’t obsess over anything. Your workout routine and diet won’t be the same like they are when you’re at home and follow your regular schedule and that is ok! When you are on vacation take healthy snacks with you and make healthy choices at the restaurant or hotel buffet but also enjoy a treat or two. You’re on vacation! You also might not want to spend your days in the hotel gym while traveling and exploring new cities but how about a nice hike in the mountains, some dancing in the club at night, or swimming in the ocean? Enjoy being active while you’re on vacation!
When you are traveling for work you might have a very busy schedule. Don’t stress out if you can’t squeeze your full workouts in. Maybe do a 10 minute HIIT session or go for a nice walk at the end of a day packed with meetings and seminars.


Written by: Jen

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