What To Do When You Just Don’t Feel Like It

Sometimes we just don’t feel like working out. It’s cold outside, we had a busy day at work, or the idea of us in front of the TV with a bag of chips is just too tempting. Believe me, I’ve been there.
But the truth is, in order to reach our goals we need to be consistent with our workouts. Consistency is the most important factor in any workout routine. So what can you do if your whole body resists the idea of putting on your workout clothes and going to the gym?

Here are three simple tips that will help you motivate yourself:

1. “I’ll just do a little bit”
The resistance we feel towards working out usually occurs because we have this idea of a full one-hour workout in our head. ONE HOUR??? Are you kidding me?? Nooooo!
Here’s a little trick you can use to fool your brain: Simply pretend you only gonna do – let’s say – 15 minutes. That’s it! Just a tiny little bit. 15 minutes doesn’t sound as overwhelming as one full hour, does it?
Once you’re in the gym and you started your routine, chances are that you will add one more exercise, and another one, okay, one more, and all of a sudden you completed a full workout without even realizing it. That’s what we call momentum, people!
And on the odd chance that you actually still don’t feel like it after 15 minutes: Go back home! At least you got 15 minutes in. That is way better than doing nothing at all!

2. Visualize
I love visualization techniques. You can use them for about everything in your life. When it comes to working out simply imagine yourself being in the gym and actually enjoying your workout. Feel the dopamine your brain produces, hear the music, and feel your muscles work. Enjoy how good it feels! Really try to experience the situation as if you were in the gym. Do it now!
The idea to actually get in the car and drive to the gym doesn’t sound so ridiculous anymore now, does it?

3. Try something new
Sometimes we get bored. We go to the gym and it seems like we do the same old routine day in and day out. Try something new instead or something that you haven’t done in a while. Go swimming, hiking, or attend one of the classes they offer at your gym. Give your mind and body a break by doing something they don’t expect.

Take Away:
It’s totally fine and normal when you don’t feel like working out but if you want to see results and achieve your goals, you can use these little tricks to keep you on track; and we all know, once we finished our workout it feels soooo goooooood!!!!!
Go get’em!!


Written by: Jen

The Online Personal Trainer for Women