How to love your workouts

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Most clients I work with come to me because they need motivation. They don’t like to work out and need somebody to kick their butt a few times a week. They feel going to the gym is a chore much like doing the laundry and going grocery shopping; something you have to do but you can imagine a hundred different things you’d rather do. And you know what, I get it. We all have busy schedules, lots of stuff to do, and going to the gym is just one more thing we add to the list.
But how about we change our perspective a little bit? Why do we see it as a chore when we could see it as – let’s say – something that is fun, something that relaxes us, something that allows us to have a little “me-time” at the end of the day?
I know what you think right now: “Yeah, right, Jen! As if!” But hear me out…
Life is all about perspective, focus, and meaning. We give everything that happens in our life, everything we do, a certain meaning. Let’s take work for example. Some people see work as a means to be able to pay their bills, others see it as their passion, and some people might even see it as a place to hang out with friends and gossip. In all three cases, it’s still work. Simply the meaning, the perspective, and therefore what one focuses on are different.

If you see work as something you have to do in order to be able to pay your bills, you are probably not very enthusiastic when your alarm clock goes off at 6:30 in the morning. When you see it as your passion though, I bet you even wake up before the alarm clock because you are excited about a new day. If you focus on the relationships and fun you can have at work, you are most likely not very passionate about the job itself but you will still feel energized in the morning because you are looking forward to spending some time with friends (and even get paid for it!).

It’s the same with working out. When you see it as a chore, it is soooo hard to motivate yourself to get up an hour early every morning to go to the gym or to abandon the sofa for one more hour after work. When you are able to see it as something that benefits you though, as something that gives you energy, strength, and confidence, then going to the gym becomes something you will look forward to.

I know it’s not an easy shift to make. After all, most of us have been associating working out with pain, stress, and frustration for a long time, so shifting our focus is not an easy thing to do. But it’s worth it! Think about the outcome. Think about how good you feel after a sweaty spin class or a nice yoga session. Think about the stress of the day that is falling off of you after a good workout or a brisk walk on the treadmill. Think about the feeling of accomplishment you have when you get home and take a hot shower. Shift your focus and start loving your workouts!


Written by: Jen

The Online Personal Trainer for Women

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