The One Exercise You Can Practice Daily To Calm Your Anxiety

beach sunriseWe all experience anxiety once in a while. We get anxious before a big presentation at work, a job interview, before we meet our blind date, or simply because we are stressed out and overwhelmed. While anxiety is pretty common in our western society it is not a very pleasant feeling and can distract us from what’s important. Some people experience anxiety to a degree where it is not only disturbing but impacts their lives to the extent where they are not able to function properly let alone live a happy, fulfilled life.

While most Americans utilize prescription medication to keep their anxiety in check, there are far better and healthier ways out there to calm your mind. One of them is a daily practice of gratitude.

There are certain feelings and emotions that cannot coexist inside of our bodies. Gratitude and anxiety are a perfect example. When you are truly grateful there is no space for anxiety, fear, or anger. It is physically not possible to experience both emotional spectrums at the same time. It just doesn’t work!! By practicing gratitude, we take advantage of this fact and are able to eliminate the paralyzing feeling of anxiety.

Here is how it works:

Stand up and place your right hand on your heart. Feel your heart beating.

Close your eyes and imagine something you are grateful for. It doesn’t have to be anything big, it can be small things. You can be grateful for a sunny day, you can be grateful for being able to spend time with your family, you can be grateful for having amazing friends, grateful for hearing your favorite song on the radio on your way to work.

Place all the things you are grateful for on your heart and feel their warmth spread through your body. Feel the love and gratitude they give away. Feel the happiness that arises inside of you, feel the calmness that hugs your whole body, and feel the energy flushing through your veins.

Collect at least ten things you are grateful for and place them in your heart. When you are done keep your hand on your heart and intensify all the emotions and feelings that built up inside you. Make them bigger, make them brighter, and let them shine!!

Take a deep breath in and relax into the feeling of unconditional love, of warmth, and gratitude.

When you feel ready you can open your eyes again and take a look around.


Make this a daily ritual to start your day off with a sense of peace and positivity!


Written by: Jen

The Online Personal Trainer for Women