We can only tap into our full potential and live the life we’ve always dreamed of when we are our true, authentic selves.

In a world where society sets the standards about how we should look and act, it’s difficult to present ourselves authentically.
We are judged on a daily basis. By our boss and co-workers, by mothers and fathers at the playground when we pick up our kids, by members at our local gym, by random people on the street. It feels like we need to fit in to be accepted. Like we need to lose our glorious individuality, our uniqueness, our own personal unicorn.
But I believe it’s ok to look different. To act differently. To be yourself. Do you?
Hi, my name is Jen – that’s me in the picture 😉 I’m a personal fitness trainer and mindset coach based in Miami. With my work as an in-person and online personal trainer I empower women like you to be happy, healthy, and more confident.
I teach you how to shine in your own beautiful individuality. 
I hear you – how will this help me achieve my fitness goals? What’s it got to do with my mindset? 


Jennifer Fidder

Online Personal Trainer for Women

Let me explain:

In order to tap into your greatness you need to be able to let go of old beliefs that are holding you back, of thoughts that are in your way (“What might other people think?”), and of fears that are sabotaging your way to success (“What if I fail again?”, “I am not good enough.”, “I am too busy!”). Instead of caring about other people’s opinions and listening to your nagging inner voices you need to shift your focus to what you want out of this life, how you want to live, and how you can get there. In short, you need to change your mindset!

And fitness?

Well, physical fitness and a healthy nutrition are the foundation for a happy, fulfilled life! It’s that simple! If you are overweight, have a lousy diet, and crappy daily habits (cigarette anybody?) you won’t have the energy you need to get out there and conquer the world. Your physical condition also has a great effect on your mindset which then influences your actions and therefore your results. Being uncomfortable in your own body can lead to low self-esteem which will result in you not taking action when it comes to realizing your dreams and as a result you will feel like you’re stuck, you are not getting anywhere.

Now imagine you are physically strong, healthy, and have a bunch of energy! How would that affect your mindset? Right, you’d be totally awake, confident, and ready to rock! You’d have the power, energy, and will to take massive action towards your dreams (no matter what other people say or think) and every day you’d get closer and closer to living the life you always imagined! That’s what fitness does for you!

For me, this is what fitness and an overall healthy lifestyle should be about. We shouldn’t care too much if we are a size 0 or a size 10! We should care about living a life that allows us to be happy, healthy, and ourselves!

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